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Hunting For Cherry Blossoms on the Izu Peninsula

I recently went on a solo overnight trip in our Kago campervan. I was planning a campervan trip in April, mainly to enjoy the cherry blossoms, but as it is only February, I thought it just wouldn't be possible to see them in full bloom so early in the year. During my search for a campsite, I discovered that cherry blossoms do bloom in February here in Japan at the tip of the Izu Peninsula in a place called Kawazu!

About an hour into the drive, I thought it would be a good idea to take a quick break and grab some breakfast at the famous Ebina Parking Area. This place is well known for their large selection of restaurants and souvenir shops. It's often featured on TV Programs showcasing specific items and dishes. I had the 'Umami Salt Ebina Bun'. Very good! I definitely recommend this as a stop on your way out of Tokyo!

Roughly 45 minutes out from my final destination of Kawazu, I decided to stop again for another break at a place called Joren Falls. Parking is free and a 10 minute walk down to the waterfall. What makes this place special are the wasabi farms and the products that are produced in the area from them. Wasabi chips, Wasabi sauce, Wasabi soup, Wasabi flavored nuts, the list goes on and on. Even if you are not a huge fan of wasabi, I recommend checking out a wasabi farm, it is so interesting to see how they grow in the stream!

After arriving in Kawazu, it was easy to find parking at the far end where the famous river walk begins. There are many food booths to choose from for lunch. This is a great place to sit under the cherry blossom trees or go down to the river bed and have lunch.

If you are interested in traveling on this route, please check the routes section on our website or contact us to book one of the camper vans! Thank you for reading!

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