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Izu  Coastal Peninsula
Drive from Tokyo to Camp Baird (2-3hrs) then follow the route shown in the images over the course of at least 5 days, visiting five campgrounds. Feel free to stay at each campground for more than one night to extend your trip. To follow the entire coast of Izu, make your journey from Wave Camping Ground to Nishiizu Auto Ground on the southern coastal highway. This trip is designed for ocean and breeze lovers. 
It is best to go on this trip when the weather is warm, so anytime from May to August would be ideal and the surrounding months would be okay. It is advised to avoid winter if taking advantage of Izu’s beautiful beaches. Under each campsite are local activities but there are many more in the local area if you desire other attractions. Most nights you will be near the coast except at your time in Camp Baird and Nishiisu Auto Camping Autoground. 

Center: Camp Baird (Brewery Campground)

Drink at the brewery

North: Ito City Teenager Camping Ground

Take Gondola to Mt. Omuro Summit (local Mt.) 山頂駅

Visit Teddy Bear Museum: Izu Teddy Bear Museum

Walk Jogasaki Coast for following attractions:

 Kadowaki Suspension Bridge Kadowaki Lighthouse

South: Wave Camping Ground

Visit Beach Tatadohama beach

Visit local Temple Ryosenji

Drive to Suzaki peninsula and visit Tsumekizaki Lighthouse

Visit Beach Sotoura Beach

Visit Shimoda Underwater Aquarium


West: Nishiizu Auto Camping Ground

Drive to Nishina Pass Observation Platform


North West: Sazanami Camping Ground

Visit Toi Gold Mine

Visit Beach Mihama Beach

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