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The Family Wagon

The Family Wagon is perfect for couples or small families looking for comfort and room to spread out. This van seats up to 6 and can sleep 2 adults and one small child on the semi-double size main. The Family Wagon also comes with a variety of great amenities and items for guests to use during the rental period.

Items included in the campervan
Our campervans come with a variety of great ammenities and items for guests to use while on their trip.


Towels x1 per guest


Outdoor chair x1 per guest

Plate and Bowl x1 per guest

Hotel grade white bedding

18L Fridge

Portable gas stove

Pillow x1 per guest

Cutlery set

Small Table (30cm x 50cm)


Mug x1 per guest


Kettle 0,8L

Pricing (4 night minimum)

Off Peak Season (11/1~3/14)




¥11,550 / night

¥14,630 / night

¥15,400 / night

Peak Season (3/15~10/31)




¥19,800 / night

¥25,080 / night

¥26,400 / night

*¥5,500 One time cleaning fee

ETC Rental
Initial Flat Rate: We are introducing an initial flat rate of 10,000 JPY for our campervan and other rentals. This amount will be charged in advance at the time of booking.

Post-Rental Adjustments: After the rental period, we will assess the actual costs. If there are any excess charges above the initial 10,000 JPY, we will bill the customer for the difference. Conversely, if the total charges are less than 10,000 JPY, we will process a refund for the difference.



Note: Due to some processing constraints, there might be a delay of up to 2 months for the charges to reflect on our end. This means it could take that long to process refunds or additional charges. We understand the inconvenience this might cause and are actively working on an alternate solution. We appreciate your understanding.


There is a mandatory charge for insurance (up to 1000 JPY per day) that covers all deductibles including deposits and any other incurred costs such as non operation charges in the result of a breakdown or accident.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

Campervan bookings are typically made a few weeks or even months in advance, so cancellations near the start of a  rental date are difficult to rebook last minute.

60days+ – 100% refund (**minus processing fee)
Up to 60 days prior to rental start day 85% refund (**minus processing fee)
Cancellation of 30 days prior to rental date – 50% refund  (**minus processing fee)
Up to 7 days  prior to the date of rental –  25% Refund  (**minus processing fee)
48 hours before the date rental – No refund available
**All cancellations requests should be submitted before 6pm JPST

You must have a valid drivers license and international driving permit/JAF Translation in order to drive in Japan and book a car. We will request to see a scan or photo of each as a part of the booking process.


Van bookings require at least 72 Hours advance booking.

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